Deal done, work to do

Renewable energy: Offshore wind farm

BEIS today launched the Sector Deal with the offshore wind industry. RIDG has been close to this process throughout, and we welcome the commitment from both Government and industry.

There are clearly a number of laudable ambitions in the deal to be delivered by 2030, including:

    • 30GW generated from offshore wind
    • 60% UK content in projects
    • Increase the female workforce by one third
    • £2.6bn in exports
    • 27,000 UK jobs

These certainly represent the right direction of travel but given the lack of confidence in the Governments nuclear strategy and faltering progress with CCS, the question of whether they’re enough to achieve the necessary carbon reductions from the electricity sector remain.

Offshore wind is arguably becoming the lowest cost form of large-scale carbon free power available to the UK. However, as a generator located on the periphery, offshore wind still faces synthetic obstacles created by regulators such as transmission charges that put projects tapping into the highest resource at a disadvantage. We therefore believe strongly that decarbonisation needs to be included in OFGEM’s remit to allow the sector to deliver on its ambitions.

Mike Hay, RIDG’s Commercial Director, commented:

“RIDG recognise the achievement in todays publication and look forward to working to deliver its objectives. As one of the UK’s only dedicated, home-grown project developers we’re committed to maximising the value of the offshore wind opportunity for the UK economy, enhancing skills and increasing diversity.

We particularly welcome the initiation of the grid integration task group and hope to be able to shape this to ensure the benefits of offshore wind are able to be realised throughout the UK, where they’re needed most”.

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