RIDG joins Scottish Renewables to help drive offshore wind forward in Scotland


RIDG has joined Scottish Renewables as a company member to support the sector in Scotland at this crucial juncture in its development.

Jack Farnham, RIDG’s Development Director, commented: “Scotland’s potential in offshore wind is clear. The path to delivering sustainable value is less so. Many of the challenges can however be dealt with by more appropriately recognising the long-term economic benefits Scotland’s resource could bring to the UK rather than penalising its distance from demand, particularly as the alternative often involves importing power and fuel stocks from around the world.

Furthermore, as offshore wind expands globally, competition across the supply chain is also growing. It’s therefore a vitally important time for Scotland to build on its existing strengths, invest in new project opportunities and deliver the domestic value necessary for its companies to compete on the international stage.”

Nick Sharpe, Director of Communications at Scottish Renewables, said: “We’re thrilled that RIDG has joined Scottish Renewables as a new member. Our members are critical to informing our campaigns and influencing policy and we look forward to working with RIDG to drive progress over the coming year.”

For more information contact: media@ridgpower.com