Scottish Developer Aims for ScotWind Success

The RIDG management team

A new Scottish company has entered the offshore wind market specifically to bring forward large-scale projects that will create significant opportunities for the Scottish supply chain and the economy. With offices in Edinburgh, Renewable Infrastructure Development Group (RIDG), are working towards the next round of offshore wind in Scotland, called ScotWind, due to be launched by The Crown Estate Scotland. In doing so they are answering the Scottish Government’s call for new companies to enter the market – boosting competition, driving innovation and unlocking new sources of investment.

Established only three years ago, RIDG differentiates itself by presenting a simpler, leaner and more flexible approach to project development that draws upon the strengths of both established and emerging suppliers. RIDG’s ‘alignment model’ will ensure that these suppliers are much more familiar with their projects at key decision points, reducing technical and financial risks, and increasing supply chain competitiveness.

The management team brings together over 40 years of offshore wind project, technical and industrial development experience.  Outlining the purpose behind RIDG, Commercial Director Mike Hay explained:

Offshore wind is still a relatively new sector, constantly learning and improving; however large, multidisciplinary companies with global portfolios often lack the ability to react to this quickly enough, which stifles change.
“RIDG is different. We’re a local Scottish company, designed specifically to improve communication, investment planning and innovation between our projects and suppliers by reducing interface risks and facilitating a regular two-way flow of information. We believe this change in approach, where developers work proactively with the supply chain, is the best way for Scotland to realise its true global potential in the sector.”

Jack Farnham, Development Director adds:

Offshore wind can become the largest electricity generator in Scotland provided there is buy-in from local communities, the supply-chain and regulators. We’ve been working with government agencies at all levels to identify and unlock value for Scotland and are exploring ways to leverage benefits ahead of project execution so local communities and business are better positioned to secure future work.”

Keith Williamson, Technical Director said:

As a new Scottish offshore wind developer, we want to see Scottish content at the heart of our plans for new offshore wind projects.  We’re therefore aligning ourselves with experienced offshore wind investors and contractors with the capability to construct and operate a significant portfolio of projects.
“In addition to playing an important role in the decarbonisation of the UK electricity network, ScotWind has the opportunity to be a key enabler in the wider energy transition. We actively embrace the challenges in realising this opportunity and look forward to playing our part in the global transition to a sustainable green economy.”

RIDG will be making further announcements on partners and the supply chain in the near future.