Scottish Government sets the path for ScotWind

scottish parliament

The Scottish Government have today launched their Offshore Wind Policy Statement and Sectoral Marine Plan for Offshore Wind Energy, setting an ambition for 11GW of capacity to be installed by 2030.

Overall, RIDG is encouraged by how Government has listened to and reflected the needs of both industry and stakeholders in the production of these documents. The result is a clear recognition of the value offshore wind could bring to the Scottish economy through the responsible development of well-considered projects.

The Policy Statement is an unambiguous commitment to ensuring offshore wind plays a major role in the Just Transition. Alongside a recognition of the enabling actions necessary to deliver the scale of ambition in electricity production, there is also a noticeable focus on the potential for green hydrogen to take this further by contributing to the decarbonisation of the wider energy system, both nationally and internationally.

The adopted Sectoral Marine Plan reflects the extensive stakeholder consultation process that has gone into its creation with a few noticeable amendments. The overall scale is however still more than capable of absorbing the initial 10GW ScotWind round while also providing a signpost to a second in 2022/23.

Commenting on the launch, RIDG Development Director Jack Farnham said:

Firstly, I’d like to acknowledge the work of the teams involved in completing this process and producing these documents during such challenging times. With changing priorities competing for limited resources it cannot have been easy, so we applaud them and look forward to building on the solid foundation they’ve created for ScotWind.


These clear statements of commitment to offshore wind from the Scottish Government are fantastic news for the country. By creating the opportunity for a global industry to tap into Europe’s best resource, they have opened the door to significant investment and innovation that could change our economy for a generation.


Delivering on this ambition will demand scale, it will demand commitment and it will demand a coordinated effort across all stakeholders to ensure the opportunities bring benefits throughout the economy, and not just to those directly involved in the sector itself. As an independent, Scottish offshore wind project developer, RIDG has set itself up specifically to enable this vision for Scotland, and we look forward to working with the Scottish Government, and partners throughout Scotland, to make it happen.”