Gareth Jones

Commercial Fisheries Manager

Gareth has a background in commercial fishing and marine fish ecology with over 16 years’ experience working in regulatory, advisory and consultancy roles relating to assessing impacts posed to these receptors from offshore energy sectors. His early years at Marine Scotland were spent undertaking stock assessments and commercial fisheries sampling throughout Scotland including Orkney and the Caithness area where he built working strong relationships with members of the inshore and offshore fishing fleets.

His final three years at Marine Scotland were as the marine science advisor for offshore renewables and oil and gas projects, in Marine Scotland Science. He was responsible for reviewing all impact assessments and applications for offshore renewable projects within Scotland up until 2013. Today he is instrumental in managing and delivering EIAs for offshore energy projects, with a focus on commercial fisheries impacts. He has extensive stakeholder engagement experience and knowledge of key concerns relating to impacts posed by offshore energy developments to commercial fishermen and marine ecology.

He has also sat on several industry/ science working groups/forums including Robin Rigg Management group, Moray Firth Offshore Wind Developers Group and the Firth of Forth Offshore Developers Group. Prior to his time at Marine Scotland Science, he was a Scottish Fisheries Protection Officer, based at Scrabster, where he worked for three years providing support to the fishing industry in relation to compliance of commercial fisheries legislation and fisheries management measures. Garth is employed by environmental consultants Xodus Group.

Gareth Jones

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