Patrick Schwenk

Wind Resource and Metocean Package Lead

Patrick brings a wealth of experience in metocean measurement and metocean package management and is specialised in the use of remote sensing technology including floating Lidar. He holds a Masters in Engineering (Renewable Energy Systems) and has seven years of experience in offshore wind with roles including technical due diligence, technical studies, project and risk management.

Patrick was responsible for the offshore wind measurements for the FINO3 offshore wind research project and has been involved in several other research projects including the German federal government funded joined research project FINO WIND which aimed to develop a system for standardised provision of wind data. In the field of wind measurements Patrick has specialised on remote sensing technology including floating Lidar systems and has been project manager of several remote sensing validation projects. Patrick consulted with developers on their strategy to use floating Lidars for each project’s wind resource assessment and was the technical expert to each client during tendering and procurement process.

Most recently, he has acted as package manager for the wind resource and metocean measurements for a number of UK offshore wind farms, including strategy and campaign design development and management of offshore operations.

Patrick has a MEng, Renewable Energy Systems, University of Applied Sciences Hamburg and a BA, Environmental Engineering, University of Applied Sciences Hamburg.

He is currently a Senior Consultant at Offshore Wind Consultants, OWC (Aqualis) GmbH.

Patrick Schwenk

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